Wild Boar Hunting

Caza De Jabali is wild boar hunting in Spanish/Catalan and the purest form of that can be found near my village in the northeastern part of Spain near the border between Aragon and Catalonia.

Arén is the gateway to more than 250,000 acres of wild boar land, wild and savage distant area controlled by a sheep herding family in town. Hunters and VIP’s from all over the world, Europe, North America and Africa come here to participate in this very exceptional hunt for wild boars, a hunt that dates back many generations.

The whole area is divided up in 30 to 35 hunting areas where hunting is only allowed once every year, the areas are wild and savage and the wild boars live completely free, they are not feed, nursed or fenced in, they are free to roam all over the place and they do.

It is not an easy hunt, you need to be an excellent hunter and marksman to meet the challenges of the geography and the form of hunting. You are on the ground in terrain with the boars, you are not standing/sitting in a hunting tower, you are on the ground together with the boars and they can come very close. The dogs will drive the boars by your post, it is hunting in its purest form, it is “Batida”, an exclusive Pyreneean form of hunting.


You will arrive Friday night and leave Monday, but if you want to discover and enjoy the area you are welcome to come before and stay longer. Besides hunting there are numerous other things to do depending on the season, excellent downhill skiing, white river rafting, hiking, fishing, kayaking and much much more. You can also enjoy the excellent cuisine of the Pyrenees, there are several First Class and Three Star restaurants across the Pyrenees.

Yearly we shoot around 2000 wild boars and typically each hunter gets 2 to 3 boars in a weekend. (All of our hunts are over 2 days in the weekend). It is not unusual to get 5 or 6 and you are not charged for how many, for the size or for the trophies.

From 2019 from before the world closed down

We will provide all the necessary permits etc.

Saturday and Sunday are full hunting days from sunrise to sunset. We are in the terrain all the time and you will get a bag of sandwiches, snacks and refreshments when we rejoin in the morning. In the evening we will serve gourmet dinners combined with excellent Spanish wines. The nights are spent on the local Hotel Domenc located 1 minute away from the bar/restaurant and meeting place.

In the 2022/23 season we have the following open hunts (tap/click for info)

November 26-27 2022 (Fully booked)

January 14-15 2023 (Fully booked)

February25-26 2023 (Still open)

Beside these dates we also do groups of 15 and we still have several available dates in the best season (November to February).

The season is from October First until April first and we have hunts all weekends in that period. Groups can be mixed languages but there is always an English radio chain.

You can contact me on +45 30 64 74 09, + 34 638 731 397 or tom at cazadejabali.com or use this form.

At the time of order you pay a deposit of min. 150€ and the rest needs to be paid in installments before the hunt starts.

The Hunt

The Hunt includes all local licenses and permits, transportation in the area, consumption and the hunt starts and ends everyday in front of Bar Domenc, a 1 minute walk from the hotel.

All prey included and no extra charge for trophies.

Renting of weapons are offered thru Armeria L’izard in Barcelona.

A group needs to be 15 minimum.

Secretarial assistance can be provided for 100€ per day.

Easiest and nearest airport is Barcelona for commercial flights and Lleida for small jets. From the airport to and from Arén we recommend car rental, but we can provide transportation if needed.

We recommend Vueling airline as it is fairly easy to transport weapons with Vueling.


You will stay at Hotel Domenc in individual guest rooms, suites or apartments with full board at Restaurant Domenc, including a Menu Degustacion Saturday or Sunday,. .


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